Sadness, frustration, and confusion I am a whirlpool of emotions  The world is still moving, yet I feel as though it’s crashing down  A continuum of fighting and restoring hope Repetitive questions rushing through my head  Why? Haven’t we been through enough?! Tested, day after day.  Still hoping for the best… Well darling, if there’s one […]

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They say not to lose yourself on this journey we call life To hell with that  Get lost as much as you can  Let the wind carry you to places you have never imagined  Once you have seen all there is and only then will you truly find who you are.

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Who am I? Am I all that is expected of me, the good and the bad  Or am I all that I could be, a person who is growing, learning, and living life to the fullest Nevertheless, I am human in every meaning of the word Imperfect yet poised 

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Go ahead and weep Weep for all that you’ve lost The opportunities the people  All things that never happened  Now that it’s out of your system, smile Smile for all that is to come  For the opportunities and the new people you will meet  For my dear one thing is constant we’re always changing and so […]

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The wind pulls at my hair as if trying to tell me a secret so old not even the earth itself knows. It goes on to howl as if to tell me of the never-ending pain that comes with this life. That the flames I seek out will only burn me in time. I just […]

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Simple words An acknowledgement that I am his These words wrapping tightly around my heart I am his in everyway Exasperation, from tasks unfinished and days I’ve let you down It’s funny though, for in your eyes I have never really let you down While I see the mistakes, you see the effort put in […]

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The Paradox We Live

The flowers bloom while the industry booms. We scream for equality while looking down on each other. Beauty surrounds us, yet it seems there is only violence on the news, Glorious mountains rising like the potential of the future. Despair might be present but we are not doomed, for darling this world is a paradox. […]

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